Contributing to PGMax

PGMax is an open-source library, and as such, we very much value contributions from the community!

Contributing code using pull requests

We welcome pull requests, in particular for documentation upgrades, additional examples, or those issues marked with good first issue or contributions-welcome.

For other proposals, we ask that you first open a GitHub Issue to seek feedback on your planned contribution.

We do all of our development using git, so basic knowledge is assumed.

Follow these steps to contribute code:

  1. Follow the Developer Installation Instructions to install a fork of PGMax locally on a new branch.

  2. Develop and implement your changes with your favorite code editor (we recommend VS Code)

  3. Ensure your code still passes formatting checks and unit tests by running pre-commit run --all-files (for formatting checks) and pytest (for unit tests) from within your poetry environment from the root of the repository.

  4. Submit a pull request (PR) from the particular branch you’ve changed on your fork of PGMax.